Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. Gamma Chapter

Coppin State University

Chapter History

Alpha Nu Omega, Incorporated Gamma Chapter at Coppin State University was chartered in the Spring of 1992 by Monifah Jackson, Tushia Sawyer, Dana Peals, Ruby Townes and Antoinette Singleton.

After several years of Gamma Chapter being inactive due to lack of membership three members of Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. met and decided to be proactive about re-establishing Gamma Chapter those persons were Eagle Brother William I. Hart III, Dove Sister Olney May Edmonson and Dove Sister Luz Celenia Arce. During one week those members, along with others, held several events to help garner interest to potentially hold an orientation process in the Fall of 2006. As a result, there were three young women that were chosen to partake in the orientation process: Jacqueline Barlow, Kendra Jordan and Kiamonique Martin.

Due to various circumstances, the orientation process was postponed until the Spring of 2007. At that time the decision was made to create a joint Orientation Process with Alpha Chapter and their 7 prospectives. Dove Sister Luz Celenia Arce presided as the Orientation Leader and Dove Sisters Cherece Lindsay and Deidre Campbell presided as the Assistant Orientation Leaders. On April 14, 2007, Gamma Chapter was officially re-established at Coppin State University. Dove Sister Jacqueline Barlow served as the President, Dove Sister Kendra Jordan served as Vice President and Treasurer, and Dove Sister Kiamonique Martin served as Historian. Since then Gamma Chapter has successfully held orientation two more times and continue to strive to be a light on the campus of Coppin State University. Likewise to Alpha Nu Omega, Incorporated the Gamma chapter holds to God's promise of membership growth and leadership in ministry.

Chapter Lineage

Spring 1992: Charter Line


Dove Sister Monifah Jackson

Dove Sister Tushina Sawyer

Dove Sister Dana Peals

Dove Sister Ruby Townes

Dove Sister Antoinette Singleton


Fall 1992


Dove Sister Britt Reed Emeogo - Nwaogu

Dove Sister Sherry Whelcher

Dove Sister Monica Horsey

Dove Sister Valerie Parker

Dove Sister Romana Ellis


Spring 1994


                      Eagle Brother Jermaine Ellerbe                    

Eagle Brother Mr. McGoo


Spring 1995


Dove Sister Ernette Brown

Dove Sister Tisha Jones


Spring 1996 



Dove Sister Anna B. Jordan  (Honorary)





Spring 2007: The Perfect Storm

( Joint Line with Alpha Chapter)


Line Name

Kendra Jordan (Richardson)

Dove Sister Siege

Kiamonique Martin

Dove Sister The Aftermath

Jacqueline Barlow

Dove Sister Riptide


Fall 2008: Magnum Opera


Line Name

Hope Livingston

Dove Sister Couture

Sheronne Glay-Fields

Dove Sister Vogue

Linnea Green-Poole

Dove Sister Avant Garde


Spring 2009: Unleashed


Line Name

Shadeya Walker

Dove Sister Coalescence

Jessica Snowden

Dove Sister Life Support


Spring 2011: Royal Assets

(Joint Line with Alpha and Theta Chapter)


Line Name

Cristy Clark

Dove Sister Stay Tuned

Crystal Williams

Dove Sister Deja Vu

Tiffany Toliver

Dove Sister New Dawn

Ashley Notice

Dove Sister Mikasa

Jalisa Ray

Dove Sister Unabridged

Kekyua Brock

Dove Sister Well Spring

Monique Gibbs

Dove Sister Box Office


Spring 2012: League of Extraordinary Women

(Joint Line with Alpha and Beta Chapter)


Line Name

Jessica Ferges

Dove Sister Empress

Tawana Griffin

Dove Sister Aeon Flux

LaTasha Coleman

Dove Sister Fury

Ebony Evans

Dove Sister Jolt

LaToya White

Dove Sister Mastero


Spring 2013: Chosen For Purpose


Line Name

Shavon Montgomery

Dove Sister Aura

Jamiece Eaton

Dove Sister Reckoned Force

Tiara Johnson

Dove Sister Safe House

Tiffany George

Dove Sister Solid Ground


Spring 2014: 4 Brothers

(Joint Line with Beta and Theta Chapter)


Line Name

Phil Dickson

Eagle Brother Fatality

Markco Brown

Eagle Brother Steel Matic


Spring 2015: Perfect Jewels


Line Name

Andrea Reuben

Dove Sister Flawless

Rokea Spence-McCullough

Dove Sister R.A.R.E. D.I.A.M.O.N.D.





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